Live Tech April USB Keyboard



STANDARD LAYOUT :: The keyboard's full layout allows for efficient, comfortable typing. EVERYDAY USAGE :: Excellent for everyday usage on virtually any task at hand. STYLISH LOOK :: Water-drop keys designs with printed letters in circles gives a good and alluring look to the entire computer system with April. SPACED KEYS : Easy to see keys with a further spacing from each other to avoid hitting the wrong key. EASY PLUG-AND-PLAY : Fast and easy setup with long USB cord. April keyboard provides a reliable wired connection. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows 7, 8, 10 and above; One USB port. EFFORTLESS TYPING :: Thin, sleek design keeps your hands in a relaxed and neutral position for effortless typing.

Technical spec. Keyboard size 440X145X26mm keyboard weight 483g Connector USB Cable length from PCB 1.5M Number of keys 104 keys Keyboard features: "* water dropping keycaps * black color * sensitive key feedback"